We bridge the gap between Sales
and Marketing. MarSales™

This Whitepaper will show you how to:

  • Align your Sales and Marketing departments
  • Grow your company faster
  • Get more cash in the bank
  • Get ahead of the competition
  • Structure your sales organisation

Introducing MarSales™ - a propriety solution to drive and maximise the profitability of your sales and marketing investments. Growthly Group’s MarSales™ puts all the resources you need for Revenue Enablement under one roof and under one governance framework.

We have a unique methodology and approach to boosting revenue through building lead flow, sales teams & sales processes.

Our clients have included - Akamai Technologies, McAfee Enterprise, Imperva, Telstra, Optus & Macquarie Telecom and we have executed multi-million dollar deals and Revenue Acceleration programs with 50% of the ASX top 10 including Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Woolworths, Qantas, IAG, QBE, and much more…

Our MarSales™ Revenue Acceleration Program is focused specifically on optimizing sales conversion in your organisation and maximising revenue. Our program will drive sales efficiency, and manage global high-performance sales teams to make more sales.
Our expertise in MarSales™ will help your Organisation:

  • Increase your Sales Revenues
  • Drive future-oriented growth
  • Generate Higher Profits
  • Remove Frustrations on Unreliable Lead / Appointment Channels
  • Eliminate the Concerns with your Sales Growth
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    You’re running in circles if you don’t have this


    We help you develop a predictable and reliable stream of quality prospects to speak to and close. Let’s start by understanding your unique business and goals.

    You don’t have sales if you don’t have this


    We help the market understand why your business is the best in its field and why they would be crazy not to buy from you.

    You’ll burn $$$ if you don’t have this


    People buy from brands they trust. We help build trust through powerful sales and marketing.

    And the best part?


    You get all the data! Which means the power of your marketing campaigns is in your hands. 

    So you can love us and leave us, or partner with Growthly and we will manage
    the revenue growth so you can focus on what you do best.

    Growthly is your Partner in MarSales™

    Unlike your first date, we’ll hold your hand

    Revenue Enablement

    We carefully create and execute your strategy complete with project management so you don’t have to sweat it.

    We’re not afraid to get our
    hands dirty

    Sales and Marketing

    Get access to the broad skillset across our group so you’re not tied up hiring and training new talent.

    We’re not stingy, we get you better results

    Sales Enablement

    Measure twice, cut once. We treat your money like it’s our own so you can keep your pockets full.

    Quality sales, not
    just leads

    Lead Generation

    No time wasters!
    Have better quality conversations with prospects that matter.


    Growthly Group - Featured Service - Sales


    Growthly Group - Featured Service - Marketing


    Growthly Group - Featured Service - Marsales


    Sales Enablement is the business function that ties everything together. We think of "Sales Enablement" as the API that connects Sales and Marketing. For an API to work effectively, it needs a standard communication language.

    Our language is the language of revenue.

    Having both departments aligned, discussing and sharing accountability for revenue drives new growth. Marketing stops focusing on "brand awareness" and sales teams are really put to work chasing an abundance of opportunities. Our Sales Enablement program is focused on accelerating revenue.

    Download our MarSales™ Sales Enablement - Product Brochure today to find out how we can accelerate your revenue.

    Growthly Group Story

    An engine alone won't move a car forward. You need fuel, wheels, a seat, a steering wheel, a battery and electricity to kick start the motor.


    If the car isn't moving, or not performing optimally, how would you know where to look without having built a car before?


    It's the same with your business. You need branding, marketing, sales, systems, people, processes and products.


    You need a team of genuises, designers and creatives to architect your perfect growth solution.


    Instead of leveraging tactics such as Google PPC, Linkedin, ABM, Event Marketing, Round Tables, Direct Mail or SEO... You should have a growth architecture that will lead to consistent and sustainable revenue growth.


    Instead of hiring a salesperson and just hoping that they know how to generate sales, you need a sales process, defined territory, battle cards, pitch decks, product training & forecast disciplines that will lead to sales. A salesperson is simply not enough.


    Growthly Group has one thing in mind - to generate revenue and positive ROI for our clients. We are tied to your success.


    We work with you to implement sales growth strategies and build your sales and marketing teams. This way, you don't have to worry about recruiting expensive talent or making sure they're contributing to profitability. Whether you need a campaign manager, CMO, Senior Sales Executive, Sales Director or even an SDR, we have you covered. From recruitment to revenue, and strategy to sales, Growthly Group is here.


    We don't approach things with a pre-defined solution. Each solution is custom built to suit your needs, desires, time investment, and risk appetite. We're not about putting a square peg into a round hole and we're not going to work on tactics that don't underpin a broader profit-driven sales strategy.


    Growthly Group develops elegant B2B solutions that bridge the disciplines of Sales and Marketing. We do not allow for any blame or finger-pointing between departments because we are one team and we drive accountability for growth. We are MarSales™.


    We're not afraid to put our heads on the chopping block for our clients because that's what sales is all about. It's high pressure, fast-paced and it's the one game we love to play. We're a high-performance global sales team that is passionate about driving and winning new business.


    We've closed new business with 40% of the ASX top 10 for some of the largest tech companies in the world so we understand complex sales environments. We have over $300M worth of new business in our portfolio so we understand the art and science of B2B sales success. We've worked with some of the world's most prestigious technology brands so we know exactly what works and what doesn't.


    So if you're ready to grow your B2B Enterprise Sales and Marketing, then look no further than Growthly Group. We created the MarSales™ methodology which bridges the gap between sales and marketing and takes the risk out of our client's growth investments.


    When our growth architectures are fully implemented, it will put your company in a prime position to generate positive ROI from your campaigns as we help you get to #1 or #2 in your industry.


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